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Friday, October 2, 2009

Making Math Fun

I’m always trying to find things to make school fun.  Well, I’m sure you all remember that sometimes there’s a lot of writing, and Caleb is always fussing if he has to write a lot.  So, I was looking for something that we could use in math to help with the writing.  I stumbled upon these, and I was tickled pink because I knew Caleb would LOVE them.  Well, boy was I saddened when I saw that they were out of stock.  There was an option to have them notify me when the item became available again, so that’s what I did.
A few weeks ago, I got the email notification that these little helpers were in stock again.  I immediately went to the website and ordered them.  Caleb has had such a fun time using them, and they’ve helped with some of the writing in math.  And – best of all…it makes it fun!  Now, I don’t let him use them for all of his assignments, but when it only requires a simple # answer, then he’s free to use them.  Here he is having fun with his number stamps…
Share what YOU do to make math (or school in general) fun.  I’d love to see what other homeschoolers have found that works. 


Sawatzky family said...

oh i love those!
i will be ordering some for sure!
thanks for sharing the great idea!
i am so still in the very begining stages of finding what makes something fun and different. I have found that both Jack and Sophie much prefer to write on the big white board rather than paper...lol
Jack likes to know that the kitchen timer is set and when it rings he gets move on to something new even if he has to come back later to finish what he is working on.

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