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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Will Be Making a Visit...

So, Caleb had his dental appointment this morning. Now, keep in mind...he had NO idea why he was going back to the dentist. You see...there was no way on this earth that we could tell him he'd be getting a shot so they could pull his tooth. He HATES shots, and he freaks out. So, nope...he had no clue. So, he went back to the room with his movie of choice (Charlotte's Web) in tow. Well, Micah and I waited for him in the waiting room...Micah did wonderful by the way.

After about 30 minutes, Caleb came out with the nurse. He had a horrible look on his face. He was so teary-eyed, and he was wimpering. Well, it turns out they pulled BOTH of his front bottom teeth. I guess they had to...I didn't really get an explanation, and with Micah getting fussy, I didn't bother to ask. But -- after taking a closer look...it looks like the other permanent front tooth is coming in, so it had to come out.

Caleb got a little treasure chest with his teeth in it, and he got a balloon. He also chose some little rattle toy for Micah (that he can't play with because it's way too tiny for a six-month old...it's the thought that counts though).

So, the tooth fairy shall make a visit at the Childress household tonight. Here are a few shots of our little snaggle-tooth. And -- just in case you wanted to see, Brian is making me post a picture of the teeth, too. LOL!


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