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Friday, October 10, 2008

"Don't manage me"

Caleb had his Little Contenders for the Faith meeting today. He earned his "family" badge for last month, and today he started working towards his "plastic canvas" badge. This was a new experience for him, but he did well. It's very similar to cross-stitch or knitting, and we will probably do some Christmas gifts using this new craft idea.

After the meeting, the littles (short name for the group) got to have snacks with the older boys. The older boys had to collect insects for their badge, so the littles really enjoyed looking at the different insects. The snacks were "insect-themed" as well.

Once the littles were done with everything, they were able to play games. Well, Caleb played outside, and he tried playing ping-pong. While he was playing ping-pong, it was nearing time to go. So, I told him he had five minutes left. Well, his response to me was, "Don't manage me. I know five minutes." I couldn't help but laugh. It's amazing what comes out of the mouth of these kids. I'll share pictures of our plastic canvas once we get it all finished.


Vania said...

Hi Sherrie
It was great to see you today and to have Caleb with us. :) I sure hope that he enjoys the plastic canvas. Carl found some metal needles that work better going through the material and they aren't sharp! :) I hope y'all have a great weekend!!

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