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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just a little milestone...

As I mentioned in my last post, Brian started painting the living room on Saturday. Well, after my mom and I returned from the fall festival, Caleb was all about helping Brian paint. He wanted to help sooo badly, and he just kept bugging Brian about it. Now, Brian wanted him to help, but he wasn't ready just yet. Not to mention the fact, that we were going to have to start over. Well, my mom and dad graciously agreed to let Caleb sleep over at their house. So, we packed up his bag, and off he went to stay the night away from home. This was his first time away from home (without mommy and daddy) for the entire night.

He had a great time. He was able to shoot his bow and arrow (he has one that he keeps at my parent's house. Santa will probably bring him one to keep here), hang out with Uncle Daniel and Allie, and just have fun being away from mommy and daddy. He enjoyed his supper from Krystal, and he even decided to save a corn dog for breakfast.

Well, I went to pick him up this morning, and he was out shooting his bow again. He really loves to do that, and he's getting better. He loves to show off all of his "hits" on the target.

My mom called me after church to tell me how he did. Turns out he did well, but he didn't sleep much. He slept in the bed with my parents...well, until my dad went to the couch. Caleb isn't a very good bed partner...we already knew that though. LOL! He evidently woke up at 2 and just started talking to my mom. I guess he finally went back to sleep, but he was eager for the sun to come up.

We're very proud of him and the fact that he's doing sooo much better sleeping by himself. We really hope he's turned a corner and that this trend will continue FOREVER! LOL!

So, who's up for the next slumber party? Any takers? LOL!


Karies place said...

You don't know me, but I'm a friend of Jadsmama. I just had to comment about the bed partner. My almost 5yr will occassionally come into our bed and take over and we have a CA KING. She flips and flops. No fun.

Glad your ds had a good time.


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