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Friday, October 24, 2008

Homeschool Week 18 in Review

We are slowly getting all caught up with our homeschooling lessons. I can't wait to report that we've finally achieved this. LOL! Here's how this week went:

Beginnings: We continued talking about animals by studying Wild Animals. We learned about elephants, animal tracks, the zoo, and how animals hide in their environments. Since Caleb LOVES animals, he's really enjoyed the past few weeks. We're hoping to make a trip to Zoo Atlanta to culminate our animal studies. We reviewed the letters "r" and "j". The "-am" and "ack" families were added to our list. "Put" was added to our list of service words. Caleb also learned about the question mark. The book for this week was The Jet, and it reinforced his word families and service words.

Math: We continued learning about addition facts up to 5. Caleb is really loving this part of math.

Bible: Questions 19-21 were added to our study of the First Catechism. The Bible verse for the week was John 11:25b.

Music: We talked about Christmas and how different countries celebrate the holiday. We learned about Poland, Germany, and England. I know...it's a bit early for Christmas, but that's the order of the lessons in the book.

As always thanks for following our homeschool adventure. We really love sharing it with all of you!


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