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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brian and his color choices...

Okay, so we've been in our house now for almost 4 years, and we're slowly adding some color to the walls. We got the kitchen and breakfast area painted about 1.5 years ago. Then, we tackled Micah's room while I was pregnant. Well, sometimes when we go to paint, there are some serious color issues.

It all started when we were painting the kitchen. I sent Brian to the paint store (note to self...you KNOW this is a mistake, so don't do it) with something he could use to get a color match. Well, he comes back with a dark forest green. I wanted more of a sage green. After I sent him back, he came back with yet another green, and it still wasn't the right color. But -- I let him go ahead and paint the kitchen. All the while, I kept wondering if I would like the color. Well, it grew on me, and I'm pleased with the choice. It even turned out to match a lot of my Pampered Chef products (I was selling that at the time), so everything was good.

Well, fast forward to last week. We decided it was time to tackle the painting of our living room. Keep in mind, our living room/hallway area is HUGE, so it's a lot to paint. We've got tall ceilings on top of that, so it's not an easy task. Well, I once again sent Brian to grab some paint. I sent him with one of the pillows that I wanted him to match. Well, he comes home with a Sunshower color. It looks like it might work, but I'm doubting it very seriously. Well, he finally gets around to painting today while we're gone to the Fall Festival. I come home to find the brightest yellow on my walls. It was so bright it was almost blinding. I truly tried to like it and hope it would work. And -- Brian kept on painting. He finally got done with one section, and we moved our furniture back. After much looking and thinking, we both decided it was just too darn bright. It's a very pretty color, but it's NOT the color I wanted. So, we headed BACK to the store to pick out the "right" color. I went along this time, and we have chosen a Sweet Corn color. Keep your fingers crossed that we've gotten it right this time. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Brian's color-blindness...LOL! Hope you all get as much of a laugh as we did!

The walls "before" painting (you can see the controversial green in the kitchen...I love it now).

Can you tell how BRIGHT that yellow is? It was soooo darn bright.
It just does not look good with our furniture...you'd wonder WHY we chose that color if you saw it.

Note the pillow -- that's the color Brian was SUPPOSED to get...can you see the difference? He was way off. LOL!


The Neils said...

Oh my. Those top few pictures really do show how bright it was. The Bottom one looks like a nice color though, but your right, it does not match the pillow.

How did the new color turn out?

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