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Monday, October 13, 2008

Homeschool Week 16 in Review

It's time for a look at another week in review. We've got 16 weeks down now, so we're slowly but surely getting all caught up. Here's this past week's review:

Beginnings: Our theme was Bible animals, and we discussed the different types of animals found in the Bible (lambs, donkeys, lions). Caleb reviewed the letters "m" and "o." We added "-im", "-ot", and "-op" to our word families. We added the word "Jesus" to our list of service words. Caleb read a new book called Christmas Bells. I know...it's a bit early for Christmas, but hey, it's the book that was given for this week.

Math: We reviewed the concepts we've learned thus far in Kindergarten.

Bible: Questions 14-15 in the First Catechism were assessed. Our Bible verse for the week was Deuteronomy 13:4. This is a very long verse for a Kindergartener, but Caleb did really well memorizing it. Of course I had to "sing it" in order for him to catch on, but he did, and that's what counts!

Extra Stuff: We participated in a playgroup with the local homeschool group. Caleb also went to Boy's Club (Little Contenders for the Faith), and he learned how to needlepoint. So, we've been working on our needlepoint star. We also have to complete two additional projects, so we'll be heading to Hobby Lobby to pick out something. He really seems to enjoy doing the needlepoint (knitting as he calls it).

As always, thanks for following our homeschool journey!


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