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Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the move...

Well, it appears that Mr. Micah has decided that he would like to be mobile. No, he's not crawling yet, but it's only a matter of time. He really enjoys being on the floor, so we've had to pull out the superyard gates. Luckily we kept those from having Caleb, and they are fulfilling their need once again. He's started getting up on all fours, and he's rocking. He will often do an army crawl or lunge himself forward. So, I'm sure his crawling will happen really soon.

We are having so much fun just watching him...he truly is a character. He's got the cheesiest little grin...it'll just melt your heart. He loves his big brother, too. Caleb loves trying to make him laugh by making funny faces, tickling him, or just being a clown. Micah just eats it up, too. I really hope and pray that they turn out to be best friends.

Well, I just wanted to share a quick update on our little guy. I hope to get some video or pictures of his "mobility" soon, so stay tuned.


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