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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Visit from Omi and Opa

Brian's parents...better known as Omi and Opa around here...came down for a visit on Sunday. They were here until early this morning. Both of the boys truly enjoyed having them here for a visit. Brian and I enjoyed their visit as well. We learned more about them (well, I did, really) by listening to stories of Omi's childhood, how she met Opa, their life together, etc. It was truly an interesting story, and Brian says it'll make a great movie. I tend to agree with him...so watch out...we might just become producers one of these days. LOL!

Omi and Opa just ate up Micah and Caleb. Since they're in Virginia, we don't see them as often as we'd like. So, every moment the boys get with them is extra special. We're hoping they'll move down here in a couple of years once they retire...I know the boys would enjoy that as much as Omi and Opa would.

We all had a great time just talking, laughing, and spending time together. It was truly a wonderful visit (well, minus my accident prone happenings...let's see, I got a fever blister, cut my thumb, and burnt 3 fingers...can you say...WAY TO GO SHERRIE).

Thanks for visiting Omi and Opa. We hope to make it up your way soon. Here are some pictures of the visit. Enjoy!

Open mouth, insert thumb...Micah is GREAT at this! LOL!

Micah having fun with Opa.

Caleb and Omi smooching on Micah.

Micah smooching on Omi.

Micah loving on Omi.

Splish, splash

Baby kisses...slobber.

Blue eyes..


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