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Friday, September 5, 2008


Today, Caleb and I had the joy of going skating with CGCHE (local homeschool group). Now, most of you know that I grew up in Byron, so Warner Robins is basically home. Well, we went to the SAME skating rink that I frequented as a child and teen. And -- guess what?!!? It has barely changed in some 20+ years. I told Caleb that I used to skate there, and that I remember having my 5th birthday party there. Talk about a LONG time ago...geez.

I was a bit nervous being as I haven't been on roller skates since some time back in college. I'm not good with inline skates either, so I opted for the traditional roller skates. Caleb got some as well. We both got our skates on, and we wobbled onto the rink...and dare I say that it's the same wood from 20 years ago? I don't know...but it could be. LOL!

Well, we went around the rink a few times, and of course, Caleb fell. But -- he got back up every time. Then I noticed some kids "practicing" on the carpet, and I thought that was a genius idea. So, off to the carpet we go so Caleb can practice. He skated and skated and skated. He was getting pretty good, too, so we went back onto the rink. He did much better. We skated around the rink a few times, but by that point, my back and legs were killing me. I tell ya...I'm not in the same shape I was in back in my teens, and my body wears out quickly. Caleb continued to skate on the carpet for a bit, then we grabbed a drink and he played some of the games (skee ball to be exact...he LOVES it).

We both had a good time, and Caleb is excited about going back again next month. Here are a couple of pictures...Enjoy!


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