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Thursday, September 4, 2008

They really should come with a warning...

Okay, I'm a bit peturbed at the moment, but at the same time...I can't help but laugh. I'm sure you're wondering why, so I'll share.

You see...my sweet precious Caleb has a love for scissors. He loves to cut paper into tiny pieces and keep it in a bucket. What for?!!? No clue! But -- it's something he loves to do, so we indulge and allow him the pleasure.

Well, these same scissors must just have an attractive force in them that causes Caleb to use them to cut things that aren't supposed to be cut. You see...not only has Caleb used said scissors for cutting paper, but he's used them to cut ALL sorts of things. Here's our latest conversation:

Caleb: "Mom, what happens when you cut the wire to the small TV?" (note...this is not actually a small TV. It's the portable DVD player that is kept in his room so he can watch movies at his leisure).
Me: "Hmm...what?"
Brian: "You cut what?"

So, off Brian goes into Caleb's bedroom, and sure enough...there lies the power cord cut in two. It is fixable, but still...what is it with the scissors?

Here's a list of some of the things that these lovely scissors have cut in their lifetime: the obvious paper, power cords, shirts, blankets, sheets, etc. They've yet to cut hair, but I'm sure that's around the corner with our luck.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share so that everyone would know...scissors do not come with a warning. I guess it's just a given that ALL kids will use them to cut more than just paper at some point in their childhood. So, share your scissor cutting stories with me...give me something to laugh about!


Anonymous said...

Well thank God Micah does not have much hair right now, but Mom and Dad does.

So, Sherrie and Brian that puts yall on the hair hit list. LOL

Way to go Caleb, taking right after your Aunt Melanie.

The Neils said...

Bwah hahaha.. I needed this laugh. Just remember.. this too shall pass. Tina got out of that stage very quickly.


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