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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Micah and the straw

I went to the movies last night with my friend Laura. Well, while I was gone, I asked Brian to feed Micah his baby food. The meal was turkey and rice dinner. This was Micah's first time with this particular food, but I figured he'd do okay. I guess I was wrong. Brian said he didn't like it at all.

Well, tonight, I was going to see for myself. So, I heated it up enough to take the chill off, and then proceeded to feed baby boy. Well, he ate it up. He didn't give me any problems with it at all. But -- it turned quite soupy really quickly. So, after getting frustrated each time it fell off the spoon, I decided we'd grab a straw to see if Micah could get any out with the straw (yes, it was the consistency of a liquid, so it would go in the straw). He was sooo cute trying to get it out of the straw. He mostly just chewed on the straw, but I think he did get one or two sips of his meal. Brian grabbed the camera because Micah was just irresistable. Enjoy!


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