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Thursday, September 18, 2008

It only takes one curveball...

Why, why, why? I promise you...it only takes one curveball to throw a big kink in my schedule. Being the anal retentive person that I am...it really bothers me, too, when this happens.

You see...because of my horrific backache last week, I'm behind...on EVERYTHING! The laundry is backed up, the house is a mess, and I'm slacking on homeschool. Add all the appointments we've been running, and it gets even worse. I feel like I can't catch up because we're on the move all the time.

We had just caught up with homeschooling, and now, we're behind almost 2 weeks again. It's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things...but to me, it is. You see, this year doesn't really count because Caleb is only in Kindergarten. Kindergarten isn't mandatory in Georgia, so we're not having to report anything to the system. But -- I wanted this year as a "practice" year to get a grasp on the whole homeschooling thing. Well, that really hasn't happened yet. We get into a groove, then life throws us a curveball, and we get behind. And -- that's WHY I'm doing the year-round schooling. We basically only school 4 days a week, so we've got room to play "catch up" when we need to. If had started in August and expected to finish in May...well, that wouldn't have happened. So, I'll stick with the year-round concept. :)

Now, appointments and obligations...co-op was to meet on Monday. Well, that got cancelled because of gas prices. I had a homeschool group meeting on Monday night at 7pm. Wanna know what time I remembered it? 7:30pm...oops...forgot that appointment. Tuesday was a free day. Wednesday is speech day. Today was a dental appointment. Tomorrow is bowling with the homeschool group. Saturday is Caleb's pee-wee bowling day. Then you get to Sunday, and all I want to do is REST!!!!!

So, add a six month old into the whole mix, and you get one whacked out mommy. I feel like my head is spinning so fast I can't catch it. I really wish I could make time stand still sometimes. I wish I could have some sort of power that would allow me to get everything done without really having to do anything. Wouldn't that be great? Yeah...well, someone become my hero and make that a possibility. I promise you...every mom on the planet would buy it. :)

Anyway, at the moment, I really can't tell you why I even wrote this post. There's a million other things that I SHOULD be doing. But -- instead, I chose to come here and vent. Now, I've just taken more time away from myself...go figure!

Oh well, it helps to vent, so I feel better.


JADsMama said...

Hi Sherrie,
That is one thing about homeschooling...while most days can go according to schedule there are undoubtedly the days where curveballs throw a big "wrench" into things. Try to just breathe those days and ask the Lord to walk you through it. I am very "OCD" about things and have had to learn that life happens and I have to just pick up and carry on. :) If you ever want to talk feel free to call me..I will email you my number. :) Praying you have a better week this week!!

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