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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ouch...my back

Okay, well, this has been a LOVELY week. Remember my post about skating last Friday.? Well, I remember my back hurting a bit while skating, but I didn't think much about it. Well, it continued to hurt Saturday and over the rest of the weekend. Brian and I decided to do some rearranging on Tuesday, and I helped him move some stuff around the house.

BIG MISTAKE!!!! I've been paying for it ever since. My back has been bothering me since Tuesday. It hurt so bad I started popping some of my leftover Tylenol with Codine that I had from my labor with Micah. But -- it didn't help. I used the heating pad, and nope...that didn't help either.

I've been in so much pain...I've fussed, I've cried, I've prayed. I ended up calling my ob-gyn today, and I asked them to prescribe something. Unfortunately, my ob is out of town, so the only thing they could give me was Motrin 800mg. Brian had to go pick it up. While he was gone...my back really bothered me. I couldn't even sit down. Caleb felt so bad for me, and I felt bad, too. We both cried and prayed, and Brian finally made it home with the Motrin.

I've felt a little bit better since taking one, and I'm hoping and praying that this will soon pass. If it doesn't get better with the help of Motrin, then I'll have to go to the doctor. So, keep me in your prayers...pray that the Motrin will work and God will relieve my pain.

Caleb and Brian have been wonderful. Brian has helped where he could, and so has Caleb. We've also skipped homeschooling, too, so we're behind again. Oh well...


JAD's Mama said...

Praying your back gets better soon Sherrie! :)
We missed you today but we sooo understand! :) I will bring Caleb's stuff on Monday night to the parent meeting and if you aren't there, I will go ahead and mail it. I will send you an email about the other stuff. :)

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