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Monday, August 4, 2008

Homeschool Week 8 In Review

Another week at Childress Academy has passed. While everyone else was entering the first day of school here in our county, we are already 8 weeks in. Whew! But -- all is going well. Caleb is an excellent student (for the most part), and he's really learning a lot. He continues to amaze us daily. Here's how this week went:

Beginnings: We learned about different types of books. We talked about how-to books, cookbooks, science books, and the library. By studying these books we were able to make a graham cracker cookie snack (using a recipe) and talk about magnets (using the science book). He reviewed the letters "b" and "p." The exclamation point (!) was also introduced. We added "love" and "orange" to our service words, and "bit", "web", "Ben", "pen", "pet", "pit", and "pen" to our word families. We also added the
"-ip" family with "tip" and "sip" to our list of word families. Caleb read his new book, My Pet, as well. He's doing an awesome job with reading. He loves to sit down and read with us...what a great thing!

Math: Caleb reviewed the numbers "9" and "10", and we talked about ordinal positions first-tenth.

Music: We talked about fast and slow by listening to different music. We also used instruments to play fast and slow rhythms.

Art: We used coffee filters to make fish. Caleb covered an entire filter with washable markers. Then, we sprayed it with water and let it dry. Next, we cut out a fish pattern, and I laminated them. Caleb had so much fun that instead of making just ONE fish, we ended up making 10. We hung 6 in office/schoolroom, and the other 4 will be hung in his bathroom. It was a fun project, and Brian and I also colored a few fish. It's a simple and easy art project for anyone.

Bible: Caleb reviewed First Catechism questions 1-9. His Bible verse for the week was 2 Corinthians 3:17. He continues to do a wonderful job in his Bible studies.


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