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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Homeschool Week 11 In Review

Another week gone...woohoo! We are in a groove now, and we are having lots of fun. Caleb is always eager to start homeschooling each morning, and he's always telling us how much he enjoys it. That just warms our hearts. Here's what he learned this week:

Beginnings: We talked about picture books. He learned about authors and illustrators and what their respective jobs are when it comes to books. He reviewed the letter "a." The word "come" was added to his list of service words (sight words basically). Also, the "-ad," "-at," -ap," and "-an" families were added to our list. He read a new book called In the Tub which reinforced all of his word family and service words thus far. Again, he continues to do a really good job in reading.

Math: He reviewed left, right, top, middle, and bottom. He also continued to practice counting by 10s. The #s 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 were also reviewed. He continues to do really well with math, and he seems to enjoy it.

Bible: First Catechism question 13 was added. His Bible verse for the week was Psalm 135:6a. Our Bible story this week talked about having a spiritual birthday and what that means. Caleb is really starting to express a lot of curiosity in this area, and we are thrilled about that.

Extra Stuff: We watched a lot of Olympics on TV, and we were able to discuss what it all means as well. He really seems to enjoy gymnastics, swimming, and diving. Hmmm...could there be a future for him in one of these areas? We shall see... He also sat down and "attempted" to read Green Eggs and Ham by himself. I actually overheard him, and he did quite well. Granted, I think most of it was from memorization, but it's okay...to him, that's reading. And -- if that triggers a love for reading then so be it. He also continues to enjoy sitting down and working on his writing. He's always asking us to help him spell/write words in his little notebook. Again, we are happy to see him have an enthusiasm for learning.

Thank you again for keeping up with our homeschool progress. We look forward to sharing more as the year progresses.


Todd said...

I am thrilled upon hearing your use of the catechism, and Caleb's eagerness. I wish I had couples in our ministry who would do the same. May we as adults learn and rejoice in the blessings and points as well.

todd and samira lambert

jkhohn said...

Sounds like a great curriculum and lesson planning! You go girl!

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