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Friday, August 22, 2008

Pure bliss...

Let me just say...tonight has been sooo peaceful and quiet. Both of our boys were asleep and in their beds by 9:15pm. Micah actually fell out around 8:30ish, and Caleb was up playing Zoo Tycoon with Brian and me. Well, he laid down on the couch around 9ish and started dozing off. So, I immediately had him go to bed. And -- off to "snooze-land" he went.

And -- for those who are wondering...Caleb is doing a fabulous job with the transition to sleeping by himself in his bed. He's on a roll, and it's a GREAT thing. Granted, he still wakes up maybe once a night, but I can handle that because I have my bed back. It's been nearly 4+ years since Brian and I have been able to call our bed "our" bed. And -- since we upgraded to the king a while back...it's wonderful. I can actually lie in bed and not be touched by anyone...something I haven't been able to say in quite some time. LOL! Don't get me wrong...I love my husband, but I love my space, too. So, it's nice to have it for once.

With all that being said, our goal for this weekend is to actually attempt to make our bedroom an actual "bedroom" for us. We plan to spend some time doing some cleaning and clearing out. Who knows...one day we might actually paint and decorate it. LOL! Unfortunately, this means that Micah's room will now partially become the "overflow...it will go to Goodwill or the garage sale" room.

Anyway, I just had to share my excitement about the peaceful and quiet night we're experiencing (minus all the Hurricane Fay weather that is here...oh well).


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