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Monday, August 25, 2008

A little bit of encouragement...

Back in October of 1998, I was taking a discipleship course at the church I was attending. I cannot remember what course it was, but during this particular assignment, we were told to "rewrite" the 23rd Psalm as "OUR PSALM 23." So I sat deep in thought, and I finally came up with something. Well, I've kept it in my Bible ever since, and I often turn to it and read it for some encouragement. I came across it this morning while doing a little bit of reading, and I thought I would share it. Maybe it can offer someone else some encouragement like it has me. And -- if you think about it...why don't you take the time to write YOUR 23rd Psalm. It may be just what you need in times of struggle and worry. God bless all of you.

My 23rd Psalm
The Lord is my daddy, I shall not be afraid.
He knows the decisions I will face,
He guides me in the right direction,
He gives me strength.
He leads me down life's highway
with faith and understanding.
Even though I alone
cannot understand the depth of His love,
I will seek His will,
for He knows best.
His love and peace,
they comfort me.
He will always stand beside me
no matter how alone I feel.
He gives me the faith I need
to face each tomorrow.
Yes, I will trust and follow Him
all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the house of my daddy


JAD'sMama said...

Hi Sherrie -
I loved "Your Psalm 23" - that was very good and believe it or not, I really needed to hear it today. I may take some time and try to write my own - though I am not very good at that kind of stuff. LOL

Also, I am glad you got Caleb to sleep in his own bed. We struggle with our 5 year old in that matter - only we stopped letting her in our bed 3 years ago...she STILL wakes us up in the night! LOL

School sounds like it is going really well for you. It is going okay here - kind of. LOL Carl is out of town for the week so the kids are testing me at every corner.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Littles meeting on the 12th!!!


Sherrie said...

I'm glad I could offer a little bit of encouragement for you today. I know it encouraged me this morning.

I hope the kids stop testing you soon and the weeks shapes up to be a good one.

We'll see you soon!

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