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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Damage to our van

As some of you already know, our van was recently damaged somehow. We noticed it this past Wednesday. Honestly, we don't know when or where it happened. But -- we think someone must have hit us as they were backing out of a parking space next to us. They hit the passenger sliding door. So, we are a bit peturbed. Obviously, they didn't bother to leave a note or anything apologizing, much less leaving insurance information.

I spent Wednesday of last week talking to our insurance agency to find out what we needed to do. Luckily, this falls under our uninsured motorist's coverage. But -- I had to file a police report as one more step. So, I called the local PD to file the report.

This week, I talked to a local agent to set up the repair for the van. Brian is scheduled to drop it off at a local collision center tomorrow morning. With that being said, I then had to arrange for us to have a rental car. Luckily (well, kinda), we have a rental car stipulation on our policy. But -- they only cover $20/day. Now, tell me...do you think there's actually a car that rents for that cheap? DUH...NO! So, we'll have to fork over the difference for that...which will be about $10-12/day. Top this off with the $250 deductible we have for our uninsured motorist's policy, and you have a couple of upset car owners.

So, we'll find out tomorrow how long our van will be out of commission. We wish we could rent another van, but that's another $25/day, and I'm not up for paying that much. So, we'll stick with a four-door sedan. Do you know how long it's been since I owned a 4-door sedan? A LONG time! I'm so spoiled by our van, and I pray that it's out of the shop quickly and in good repair!

Here are a few pictures of the damage...I'm not very happy right now. And Brian isn't either.

view of the damage

notice how the door isn't even fully closed now...lovely!


JAD's Mama said...

I am so sorry about your van! That really does stink and wasn't very honest of the person who did that! And with that much damage, you know that they know they hit your van! Praying it is out of shop quickly!!!
Looking forward to getting to know you better this year!

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