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Friday, August 29, 2008

Homeschool Week 12 In Review

Well, we are finally done with another week. Each week shows me more and more how proud I am of Caleb. And -- every time I hear a story about a school district (take Clayton County losing their accreditation for one), I become more convinced that homeschooling is the right option for us. Here's how this week panned out:

Beginnings: Caleb learned about some favorite tales this week. We read The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Pigs, and The Three Bears. He reviewed the letter "g." The "nd" blend was introduced. "-and", "-ug", "-ig", "-ag", and "-eg" were added to our growing list of word families. "Father" and "are" were added to our list of service words. We studied plural words, distinguished between reality and fantasy, recalled sequence of events, and matched items by size as well. Caleb read another book called The Three Cats. He continues to do really well with reading.

Math: We spent this week studying bar graphs and reviewing all of the concepts we've learned so far this year.

Bible: We reviewed First Catechism questions 1-13. Caleb's Bible verse for the week was Psalm 119:73. We've found that if we make up some silly song for the Bible verse that he catches on more quickly. So, I'm getting quite adept at putting Bible verses to music...LOL! They aren't always very good, but hey, if it helps me boy learn God's word, then I'll do it!

Art: We learned how to draw Benjamin Bunny and a Silly Snake from Caleb's drawing book. Granted, I'm not the best drawer by any means, but I held my own this week. Caleb really enjoys art, and he's always wanting to draw. It's just sad that neither of his parents are very good at it. So, since Omi and Opa are visiting this Labor Day weekend, he's been told to ask Opa to give him some lessons. Opa doesn't know this yet...so, Opa...get ready!

Music: We listened to various songs to determine the musical instruments that were accompanying the music.

As always, thanks for reading and following our homeschool adventures, and we'd LOVE to see some comments from you. Let us know you're reading.

Love you all!


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