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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week Eight of Learning 2013-14

We’re slowly finding our groove here in Florida when it comes to managing school lessons, extra curricular activities, and homeschool activities.  There are days when I’m totally spent, but it’s all worth it to see the smiles on Micah’s and Caleb’s face.  They’ve done really well adjusting to life here in Florida, and we’re starting to make some new friends, so that’s a huge bonus.  Smile
Micah, Kindergarten

  • Bible – This week we learned about Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac.  Micah’s Bible verse was Matthew 19:26b.  Micah painted a star with watercolors to represent God’s promise to Abraham that He would bless him with as many descendants as there were stars.
  • Phonics – Micah worked on the consonant ‘g’.  He also worked on the phonograms ‘-and, –ig, –ug, –ag, –eg.’  His sight words were ‘for, help, jump, and look.’ 
  • Poetry – Micah’s poem this week was ‘Family Tree.’  We used the poem to discuss commas, periods, and syllables.
Math – This week Micah worked on the numbers 11-19. 
Caleb, Fifth Grade
  • Bible – Caleb continued to read in Exodus, and he read about Moses Kills and Egyptian and Flees to Midian; The Burning Bush; and The Plagues.  Here’s his interpretation of Moses killing the Egyptian and fleeing to Midian.
  • Math – We took the week off from math as we waited for our Teaching Textbooks order to arrive.  Caleb really didn’t mind at all.  LOL!
  • English – Caleb worked on irregular nouns, singular and possessive nouns, and appositive nouns.
Both boys have started with archery lessons, and they’ll be able to practice 3x a month.  This is something we’ve wanted for some time for them.  My dad taught them both how to shoot, and I’m sure he’s proud to see them continuing with the skill.
Stay tuned to see how Week Nine went…


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