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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 11 of Learning 2013-14

Well, it doesn’t normally take us longer than 5 days to complete a week of schooling.  However, this week 11, it did.  We had to put school on hold while we made a quick trip back to Georgia to visit my mom in the hospital (she’s been in for two weeks now, and she will soon be moving to a rehab facility).  So, with that said, here’s how week 11 went for us.
Micah, Kindergarten

  • Bible – We continued to talk about Joseph.  Micah memorized Genesis 50:20a, and he also completed a “coat of many colors” puzzle piece.
  • Phonics – This week Micah worked on the consonants ‘v’ and ‘f’.  He also worked on the phonograms “-ob, –ock, –ent, and –uff.”  His sight words were ‘away, she, this, who.
  • Poetry – Our poem this week was ‘Teddy Bear.’  We used the poem to find rhyming words, syllables, and periods.
  • Math – This week we worked on the numbers 11-30. 
Caleb, Fifth Grade
  • Bible – This week Caleb read about the Tabernacle.  He read from Exodus and Leviticus.  Here’s his interpretation of the Tabernacle.
  • Math – This week Caleb worked on long addition; addition word problems; rounding and estimating; pictographs and bar graphs; and adding three or more numbers.  He’s doing really well with Teaching Textbooks, and the fussing is gone.  So, this is a HUGE plus.
  • English – This week Caleb worked on action verbs, direct objects, and sentences with more than one direct object.
  • FUN SCHOOL Explorations – I am not sure why we ever got away from our “FUN SCHOOL” studies, but I made sure to implement them again this week.  I’ve tweaked the schedule quite a few times, and I’ll come back with a more detailed post on that.  Here’s what Caleb did during his FUN SCHOOL this week.
    • Travel Somewhere Tuesday – Caleb chose to read about India.
    • Take it To Your Seat Thursday – Caleb sorted a box of dinosaur flash cards.  He chose to sort them by their appearance (long neck, short arms, etc).
    • Tell Me More Tuesday – Caleb researched dinosaurs and then presented four facts.
    • What Does it Mean Wednesday – Caleb used Hot Dots Vocabulary cards to study words.
So, it was a very productive and fun week.  I’m really hoping going back to our FUN SCHOOL Explorations will add lots of fun into the school day.  It also helps by giving Caleb a somewhat independent activity (or two) while I work with Micah. 


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