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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Salt In the Air, Sand Everywhere…

We moved to Florida a few weeks ago, and we’re finally settled and getting into a routine.  Adjusting to the way of life down here has been quite different.  Most of the shops, eateries, etc. beachside close around 9pm.  We’re used to having 24/7 at our Kroger back home.  Oh, how I miss Kroger…adjusting to shopping at Publix hasn’t been fun.  But – I was lucky enough to find an organic market (kinda like a co-op) where I can get most of my fruits, veggies, meats, and some staples.  That should help reduce my trips to Publix.  Smile

The boys LOVE living on the beach…we try to make it down to the beach or pool as often as we can.  We hang out at the pool more than the beach because the waves here are HUGE!  It does make for some good boogey-boarding though.  Since it's sea turtle season, we love looking for sea turtles from the balcony at night.  We've been lucky enough to see 3-4 come up to lay their eggs.  Brian actually walked up on one last night and got to watch the entire egg laying process.  Since you're not allowed to use any white lights, there's no way to get pictures or see very much.  We've been advised that using a red light is the safest way to go about watching this process, and that's not enough light to see much.  But -- it's still an awesome experience and such a wonderful marvel of God's creation.  We love waking up and looking for turtle tracks each morning.  The boys were able to be "vets for the day" down at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach yesterday, and they both came home with a stuffed sea turtle.

The boys and I are finding many ways to get involved in the homeschool community as well.  We’ve found a monthly lego club, weekly park day, and lots of field trip opportunities.  We’re slowly making friends, and are really loving what’s available.

Then again…with the view below, you can’t really go wrong.


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