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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week Seven of Learning 2013-14

This “week” was really about two weeks long.  But – that’s okay.  We’re a little behind schedule due to our move to Florida, but it’s all worth it.  Here’s how week seven went…
Micah, Kindergarten

  • Bible – We discussed the story of Noah’s Ark.  Micah’s Bible verse was Genesis 9:13a.  We read and discussed the story, and we did a couple of art projects based on the Bible story.
  • Phonics – Micah worked on the letter ‘d’ and short vowel ‘a’.  He had the following digraphs… ‘-ick,
    –uck, –eck, –ad, –at, –an, –ap.’ 
    His sight words were ‘to, run, play, find, little, we, do, all’.
  • Poetry – Our poems were ‘Funny Feet’ and ‘Orange Surprise’.  We used the poems to discuss commas, periods, and find sight words.
  • Math – Micah worked on comparing size, weight, and capacity.  He also worked on comparing height and length and measuring in inches.
Caleb, Fifth Grade
  • Bible – Caleb finished up reading in Genesis, and he started reading Exodus this week.  He read about Joseph in Potiphar’s House, Joseph Becomes Governor, Joseph’s Brothers Buy Grain, Joseph’s Family Moves to Egypt, Hebrews Become Slaves, and Moses is Born.  Here’s his depiction of the Hebrews Become Slaves…
  • Math – We did a little work in Caleb’s books, but we mainly focused on fact review.  We played Math Bingo and used Hot Dots.  I broke down and ordered a new math curriculum (Teaching Textbooks), and I’m crossing my fingers that’ll meet Caleb’s math needs.  I’ve mentioned before that this is one of his weaknesses, and I’m really having a hard time finding out the best way to teach him.  So, it’s hard and frustrating for me…while I know he may not ever love math, I at least want him to enjoy it.  I LOVE math, and it’s one of my favorite subjects…I think this is why it’s hard for me to figure out what’s wrong.  So, I’m really hoping the Teaching Textbooks will be a success…only time will tell.
  • English – Caleb worked on capitalizing important days; capitalizing geographical names; capitalizing businesses, organizations, and groups; capitalizing languages, nationalities, and religious references; and singular/plural nouns. 
So, we’re here in Florida, and we’re finally settled.  I’ll post more about that later.  Smile


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