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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twaces, Twaces, and more Twaces…

It makes my heart happy that Micah is so eager to do school.  He has chosen to sit and do school with us almost every day since turning 4.  It’s like he woke up and just knew he was ready to learn.  His favorite activity at the moment is twaces (aka TRACING).  He LOVES it.  He loves it so much that I had to buy more books to appease the boy.  I’m thinking I’ll be buying more soon, too, as he’s doing page after page daily.  LOL! 
Tracing isn’t all we do…we also work on writing his name, identifying letters and numbers, patterns, counting, one-to-one correspondence, tracing letters and numbers, cutting, coloring, and just having fun.  His attention span is short-lived if I throw in something he doesn’t like.  If he’s not interested, he quickly says “I’m done with school for today”, and he walks off to play.  LOL!  Following in his older brother’s footsteps, coloring is NOT a huge hit right now.  That’s okay though…he can color…he just chooses not to at the moment. 
He’ll be going to preschool at Byron United Methodist for 3 days a week starting in the fall, and he’s excited because he gets to go to “grandma’s school” (my mom teaches the two-year-old class).  Until then, he’s perfectly content learning with mommy at his own pace.  Smile

I found this idea on Pinterest, and Micah has enjoyed it.IMG_8955
Working on writing his nameIMG_8960
Discovery Toys “It’s a Match” GameIMG_8961
Using beans to countIMG_8972
Puzzle timeIMG_8974
He wrote this with no guidance…it was a ‘note’ to his daddyIMG_8981
Twaces (tracing – really, drawing lines and following paths for writing readiness)IMG_8984
Scissor skillsIMG_8985


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