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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Third Grade Week 34 in Review

I meant to get this posted earlier, but with Micah’s birthday and party, it didn’t happen.  Here’s how our schooling went last week…
Bible – Our Bible stories were on “God’s Children Think About God” and “God’s Children Learn to Say No.”  We read Romans 8:32-39 and Daniel 3:19-29.
Math – Caleb worked on counting by half inches, measuring to the half inch, ordering four-digit numbers, and learning to think.
English – This week Caleb started his next ACE Pace.  He began working on when to use certain words…to/too/two, is/are, was/were, and has/have.
FUN SCHOOL – We had another great week of fun school.  I’m really, really pleased with this plan, and I think Caleb is loving it, too.

  • Meet the Press Monday – Caleb took some time to research in his Big World, Small World book, and he then presented his four facts.
  • Make Something Monday – Caleb decided to make a paper bag puppet.  After watching the movie ‘Shrek’, he decided to make Shrek.
  • Take a Tour Tuesday – Caleb used the Internet to tour inside the Taj Mahal. 
  • Take It To Your Seat Tuesday – Caleb chose to work on the Science Analogies folder today. 
  • Who Do You Know Wednesday – Caleb chose to learn about Albert Einstein this week.  He became obsessed with his “smarts”.  Smile  He’s already chosen Isaac Newton for his next person study.  LOL!
  • Well Played Wednesday – Caleb chose to play the Brain Quest Smart! Game again today. 
  • Trivia Thursday – This was skipped due to lack of time.
  • Turn the Page Thursday – Caleb spent some time reading from his library books.
Micah decided to join us for some schooling this week, so stay tuned for that post.  Since turning 4, he’s really shown lots of enthusiasm for learning.  Smile


Teri M said...

Well of course, he's a "big boy" now! Eli will be 4 soon too. They are growing up way too fast!! :-)

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