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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Micah’s “Pre”-Schooling

I had high hopes of getting Micah to join us for some schooling time this school year.  However, he hasn’t shown much interest.  And – knowing how Micah is, I figured it would be best to just let him be, and wait until HE was ready.  You see – that’s how Micah works.  We tried getting him to potty train, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  However, out of the blue, he woke up from his nap one day, and he asked to go potty.  He never looked back.  It has to happen on HIS terms.  So, I quickly learned that school was going to be the same way (heck, it’s not required that I school him now anyway, so really it hasn’t been a big deal).
However, on his 4th birthday, he decided he was ready to sit and do some schooling.  We started by letting him work on tracing his name.  He then did lots of tracing and maze pages (prepping him for writing).  To my surprise, he kept asking for page after page.  In fact, he did every tracing page I had to offer.  Once I explained that I didn’t have any more on hand, he was content to go about his business and get back to playing.  LOL!
The next day, he again wanted to do some more schooling.  So, he worked on his name again.  And that’s how it’s been progressing…I do not ask him to school with us.  If he wants to, he comes and asks me if he can do some more ‘traces’ as he calls them.  Smile  ***And mommy had to search the Internet for more tracing pages.***
Over the past two weeks, he’s shown a lot of interest in schooling, and I have obliged him.  He’s continued to work on his name, joining big brother to make paper bag puppets, circling objects that belong together (hammer/nails, bread/jam, etc), circling objects that make a pair (socks, skates, etc), and using manipulatives to make patterns.  He’s happy, and that’s what matters to me.  He is seeing school as something fun and enjoyable, and it’s my hope that he will continue to see it that way the rest of his life.  Smile

Tracing the letters in his nameIMG_8801
So very proud of his workIMG_8802
Making a paper bag puppetIMG_8804
Thinking about what to use nextIMG_8808
Completed project – ‘Puss in Boots’IMG_8810
Working on going from left to rightIMG_8947
Circling pairs of objectsIMG_8949
Continuing an AB patternIMG_8950
Continuing an ABCD pattern (He actually asked me to make a red, blue, green, and yellow pattern.  I made it for him thinking that he may not ‘get’ it.  Well, much to my surprise, he did!)IMG_8953
I’m looking forward to seeing him progress and learn as he continues to ask to do school.  Smile


Lin said...

Look at him go! ;) I think boys are like that--they need to be ready to sit and do school work. Sitting is hard for boys--I know it was for my son.

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