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Friday, January 13, 2012

Third Grade Week 27 in Review

We are done with another week at Childress Academy for Boys (yeah…I added that little “for boys” after Facebook kept wanting to change it to Childres”s Academy – so, I thought I’d show Facebook who was boss…lol).  Week 27 went GREAT…
Bible – Our lessons focused on “The Holy Spirit Made the Disciples Brave” and “The Holy Spirit Guided the Disciples.”  We read Acts 5:25-29 and Acts 8:30-39.
Math – NEW CONCEPTS:  Quarts and Gallons; Between Which Two Hundreds; Draw a Line Segment; and Different Coins to Make the Same Value.  REVIEW CONCEPTS:  Fact Focus:  13, 7, 6.
English – Caleb continued to work on homonyms this week.  Personally, I think he’s OVER homonyms…LOL!  However, that’s how ACE Paces work…they focus on 1-2 skills each book, and I think that’s a plus in most cases. 
FUN SCHOOL – We had a GREAT week during Fun School this week!

  • Make Something Monday – This week Caleb decided that he wanted to use legos to build vehicles.  He made a boat and two race cars.  We also made pepperoni pizza pinwheels together.
Caleb’s boat and race car from LegosIMG_8323
Race car #1IMG_8327
Race car #2IMG_8332
Sprinkling cheese on the pizza crustIMG_8345
Now, time for the pepperoniIMG_8347
Ready to go into the ovenIMG_8349
  • Monday Math – We played Real World Math – Unexpected Events.  This is a GREAT way to teach children about finances and responsibility with money.  Caleb really enjoyed it, and he beat me, too.  LOL!
  • Travel Somewhere Tuesday – Caleb decided that he wanted to learn about Africa this week.  He learned a brief overview of Africa, and he completed several worksheets to review what he learned.  When we went to our local library for homeschool time on Wednesday, they were discussing Egypt…specifically Egyptian gods and goddesses.  So, Caleb’s decided that we’ll narrow our Africa study down to just Egypt for the next two weeks. 
The Internet didn’t present a clear-cut answer to the last question, so he did the best he could with the information we found.IMG_8355
  • Tuesday Technology – Caleb decided he wanted to watch more of Beakman’s World on Netflix, so that’s what he did.  I think he really enjoys the show, and he finds it quite comical.
  • Who Do You Know Wednesday – Caleb chose Sitting Bull as his person of interest this week.  We read several books from the library on Sitting Bull, and we looked at a few excerpts on the Internet.  Since he’s not fond of handwriting (really it’s a struggle due to his Tourette’s), I had him dictate a report on Sitting Bull.  I typed it, but he told me what to type.
  • Wednesday Writing – Since he worked on a list of animals that make good pets last week, he wanted to work on taking care of pets this week.  He narrowed it down to foods that pets eat, and he wrote a simple outline. 
  • Turn the Page Thursday – Caleb decided he wanted to spend some time reading his plethora of books from the library.  There were books on pets, Sitting Bull, and Africa.
  • Thursday Thinking – He worked on test prep skills.  This year he has to formally take a standardized test, so I think it’s a good idea to help him learn how to be a good test-taker.  So, he’ll work on this for a while.
We are both loving our Fun School Schedule.  It is really going over well with Caleb, and I see so much enthusiasm and eagerness in him.  That warms my heart, and it makes me proud. 


Lin said...

Oh, we play Real World Math - Unexpected Events every single day around here! It's called LIFE. :) Oh...that might be a good game to play too--I always disliked playing that game.

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