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Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun School Re-Visited

Have you ever had one of those times when a thought came to you while you were in bed, and you thought to yourself that you should get up and write it all down before you forget?  LOL!  Yeah – I had one of those Saturday morning.  I was thinking about Caleb’s Fun School, and what I could do to make it a better experience for him.  While I enjoy the freedom it gives him, I find that he still needs just a bit of guidance from me.  I don’t think he’s ready to fully take on the reins and just run with it.  And that’s okay! 
So, while my brain was busy thinking, it all started making sense.  As soon as I got out of bed, I made sure to write my thoughts down.  Smile
Here’s our new approach to Fun School…
Make Something Monday – this will be an art project, a cooking lesson, or whatever…as long as something is MADE.
Monday Math – focusing on math skills.
Travel Somewhere Tuesday – this will be our geography…we will visit different countries, cities, continents…WHEREVER Caleb wants to go (not literally visit…through books, the Internet, projects, etc.).
Tuesday Technology – this will be watching an educational show on Netflix, playing a computer game, working on typing…anything as long as it’s related to technology.
Who Do You Know Wednesday – this will be focusing on all of the great and famous (and maybe some not-so-famous) folks that have made our history what it is today.
Wednesday Writing – this will be making a list, writing a letter, writing a story, writing a poem, etc.
Turn the Page Thursday – this will be reading…any type of book or genre.
Thursday Thinking – this will be brain games and critical thinking skills.  It may also include test preparation or anything of that nature.
Fun Friday – this will be ANYthing that Caleb wants to do.  We typically only school four days each week, so Fridays are typically a free day.  So, he can use Friday to follow through with any projects he worked on during the week or to do a  new project/activity.  It’s HIS choice.
At the beginning of each week, we’ll sit together and come up with his plan for each day/activity.  This will give him focus for each day.  These two daily activities are what he MUST complete (in addition to our daily tablework including handwriting, Bible, math, English, and spelling).  However, he is free to do other activities each day as well…as long as the required two are completed. 
So, this is our new plan, and we’re implementing it this week.  He seems excited, and I am, too.  I think it’ll be a good fit for both of us.  Stay tuned to see how it’s working…


Fitra2009 said...

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Joan@chocolateandmore said...

Sherrie, First let me apologize, I didn't even read this post all the way through but was wandering down your page when I saw where you were from, WARNER ROBBINS! I'm in BYRON, girl we have to do some Starbuck's coffee. I have a few friends that dabble in blogging but you are serious about it, I'm just so excited. We've probably passed each other in Walmart and Kroger and to think, I find you here on the internet. Send me an e-mail mrsjlhayes@gmail.com
BTW, do you have a FB page for your blog, I didn't see a button, but I'll keep looking.

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