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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Third Grade Week 26 in Review

It feels so good to be back into our schooling routine after a LONG holiday break!  Caleb did a GREAT job at getting back into the groove, but we’re glad to be done for the week.  Here’s how the week went for us…
Bible – Our lessons this week focused on “Jesus Went to Heaven” and “The Holy Spirit Has a Special Work.”  We read Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 2:1-8.
English – This week Caleb began work in a new ACE Pace.  His focus was homonyms…I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many homonyms.  LOL!  He’s doing great with them though.
Math – NEW CONCEPTS:  Telling Time to the Minute; Solving Problems with 3 or 4 Addends; Counting by 4’s to 40; Add or Subtract Money.  REVIEW CONCEPTS:  Fact Focus:  12, 7, 5; 13, 8, 5.
FUN SCHOOL – If you didn’t already see THIS post, then please read it.  It will explain our new FUN SCHOOL schedule and activities.  With that said…

  • Make Something Monday – Caleb used the supplies from the art cabinet to make a fish.  We also made blueberry muffins together.
  • Monday Math – Caleb played Math Blaster on the computer.
  • Travel Somewhere Tuesday – We traveled to Alaska, and Caleb learned all about the state.  It was super neat that Alaska gained statehood on January 3, 1959…exactly 53 years ago from the day we were studying about it.  It was neat for me to be able to share Alaska with Caleb because I visited there back in 1999 when I worked at a camp for pastor’s children.  It was a wonderful experience, and I LOVED being able to see Alaska and all of it’s beauty.  We’d LOVE to go there as a family some day to visit; however, I don’t think I could ever live there. 
  • Tuesday Technology – Caleb spent several hours watching Beakman’s World on Netflix…if you’ve never heard of it, it’s all about science and super funny for kids!
  • Who Do You Know Wednesday – Caleb wanted to learn about Davy Crocket.  So, we read about his life, and we watched a Bio clip about him thanks to Hulu.  Then, Caleb had to type up five facts about Davy Crockett.
  • Wednesday Writing – Caleb wanted to work on writing lists.  So, we first discussed different types of lists, and WHY people make lists.  Then, he made a list of animals that make good pets.
  • Turn the Page Thursday – Caleb spent time reading from several of his National Geographic Kids and Kids Discover magazines.  He also read from several of the science books that we have.
  • Thursday Thinking – He did two pages from his Brain Boosters workbook.
Granted, we are only a week into this new FUN SCHOOL schedule, but we’re both really excited about it.  We’ve already made our plans for next week, and I’m busy gathering all of the information Caleb will need to do his learning.  So, check back next week to see what we make, where we go, and who we meet!  Smile


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