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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

When Brian and I celebrated our first Christmas, we knew we wanted to come up with some family traditions that we could carry out each year.  So, we decided that we’d open our stockings on Christmas Eve.  Now that we have the boys, the tradition continues…

Micah and Caleb Christmas Eve morning 2011IMG_8194
Micah digging out stuff, and Caleb with his new joke booksIMG_8195
Micah is so full of expressionIMG_8196
Caleb was excited about something…can’t remember what nowIMG_8197
Micah lining up his toys…IMG_8201
Caleb with his Lego RacersIMG_8204
Micah LOVED his stocking full of Lion King and Star Wars characters…he was one happy boy!IMG_8205
Christmas Eve night, the boys each get to wear new Christmas pajamas.  This is another tradition that we started back when Caleb was born.  I always love picking out just the right pair for each boy. 
Micah, 3 – Caleb, 8
Silly MicahIMG_8209
Smiling CalebIMG_8210
Oh, how I love to see Christmas through the eyes of our boys!  They love this time of year, and it warms my heart to see them so happy and enjoying the holidays.  Up next…Christmas Day 2011…


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