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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Second Grade Week 22 in Review

We’re trying to get back into the swing of things around here, but it’s not going the way we’d like.  All three boys ended up sick once we returned from VA, so we’ve been battling all of that.  School has taken a backseat really; however, we did manage to get another week done.  This review will seem a bit odd because I’ve decided to just do what we can in each subject.  Some subjects will not be done weekly again until January…we’ll just get it all back together then I hope.  Here’s how week 22 went for us:
Health – We discussed being kind, being cheerful, and being respectful.
Science – We finished up Unit 2 by talking more about different insects.  We learned how some insects are helpful and some are harmful.
Social Studies – We spent some time discussing the Colonists.  We learned how life was like back in Colonial times, and we learned about different Colonial workers (silversmith, blacksmith, apothecary, etc).  We really wanted to take a trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown while we were in VA; however, we didn’t get to because of everyone getting sick.  I’m sad we didn’t get to learn “on the go”, but I’m hoping we will visit there soon.
Math – Caleb took his Unit 3 Test and scored 94%.  We then moved on to subtraction by making nine.
English – Caleb finished his book report.  He decided to write a report on Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  He did a great job, and I’ll post a picture soon.
Reading – This week we read the following books:
Curious George and the Dinosaur by Margret & H. A. Rey
Waiting for Mom by Linda Wagner Tyler
Nathan and Nicholas Alexander by Lulu Delacre
Click, Clack, Moo!  Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin
As always, thanks for following our 2nd grade adventures.  I apologize for not staying on top of my “regular” blogging, but it’s just been hectic for some reason.  I still haven’t made time to post about our mountain getaway that we took in October, and I never even posted about our beach and VA getaways from the summer.  However, maybe I’ll get to them one day.  Right now my focus is getting ready for Christmas and getting back on track with home schooling.  Everything else will have to wait…


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