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Monday, December 13, 2010

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Our house has been decorated for about two weeks now, and we’re enjoying all of the Christmas cheer.  I like to get our tree up before Thanksgiving so we can enjoy it longer; however, that didn’t happen this year.  Oh well…now that it’s up, we’ll enjoy it as long as we can. 
Even though our tree is artificial, it looks absolutely real.  I LOVE that, too.  It is my favorite tree, and we’ve actually bought it twice.  LOL!  We bought one when we moved into our house in 2005, and then we sold it when we thought we’d be moving to VA.  Once we decided NOT to move, I wanted the same tree…so we bought it again.  It’s a 7.5 foot Pre-Lit Glacier Pine Tree. 
Now, for those of you with pre-lit trees…what do you do when the lights stop working?  LOL!  I was having that conversation with a friend last week, and I have no idea what we’ll do.  Do you sit there and try to figure out which light needs replacing?  Do you spend hours replacing every single bulb?  Do you pull the strands of light off and re-wire it again with lights?  Hmmm…I honestly don’t know!  Maybe it’s time to do a Google search…
I have been playing with our mantle a lot this Christmas…but now I think I have it decorated just right.  We actually bought new decorations for the mantle this year, and I’m loving it.  We’ve also added a few other decorations, but nothing major.

Christmas treeIMG_6964
Left side of mantleIMG_6965
Right side of mantleIMG_6967
Center of mantle (This is behind the tree, so you can’t really see it.  However, it looked bare without anything, and you can see it from either side of the tree)IMG_6968
This is our “window” between the kitchen and living room…the garland was added this year as an extra touch.IMG_6970
Christmas plates on the rack in the breakfast area (where we eat EVERY meal…I change these plates out for every season, and I finally found these that are more “Christmas-y” at Pier 1).IMG_6972
Advent calendar that Caleb made at in his arts ‘n craft class at Co-OpIMG_6974
Nativity…my mom and I searched all over to find the right one, and I LOVE this one.  It goes with our color scheme so well, too.IMG_6977
Top of entertainment shelf…I bought the snowman plate either when I was pregnant with Micah or his first Christmas, and I think it represents our family of 4 quite well.IMG_6978
Wreaths on the doors to the gymIMG_6979
Boys’ tree in the playroom…they decorated it themselves, so there are lots of bare spots.  LOL!IMG_6982
So, are you all decorated for the holidays?  When will you take your tree down?  Do you go artificial or real?


Mighty M said...

Love your mantel and everything else looks super cute too! As far as the tree goes I have NO idea what we will do when the lights stop working!! :)

Lin said...

Why do you put the tree in front of the mantle? I'm just wondering how Santa gets around that thing!

Your house looks GREAT! I'm sure the boys are really excited for Christmas to come now that the house is so pretty. :)

Dee said...

I'll tell you what you do, you invest 18-20 dollars on the Pro mini or regular Light keeper. This thing is MAGIC! You can see a demonstration here and it really works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5o4Y2vxR6I

Trust me, you are going to love this thing!

Your home looks beautiful!!!

Dee :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! Some of our lights started going out on ours. My husband was able to replace a few individual ones so we're good for now.

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