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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Menu Plan Week of December 19, 2010

With Christmas coming up on Saturday, our menu looks pretty scarce.  I’m hosting Christmas dinner for my family, so I don’t want to overload the fridge with too many extra leftovers.  With all of that said, here’s what’s cooking at our house this week:
Sunday – Taco Fiesta Soup (this freezes well, so I LOVE to make it several times each winter)
Monday – Kielbasa Vegetable Saute’ with Noodles and Gravy
Tuesday – Homemade Beef Chimichangas (these freeze well, too, so they are a GREAT meal to make and freeze for YOYO nights)
Wednesday – YOYO
Thursday – Appetizer Night with The Zepp Family
Friday – YOYO
Saturday – Christmas Day Dinner – ham, turkey, dressing w/gravy,  macaroni ‘n cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, English peas, deviled eggs, congealed salad, cranberry sauce (whole berry and jellied), and crescent rolls, brownies, and cheesecake.  ***I’m responsible for the bold items***
What’s on YOUR menu this week?  Are you hosting Christmas this year?  What’s on the menu?
We’ll also be doing a bit of baking this week.  I know we’ll make more peanut butter blossoms, and we may attempt sugar cookies again (last year’s didn’t turn out very well).  With all of the apples still left in the fridge, we may try to make something using those…we’ll see!


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