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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Program Gone Awry…

Micah’s preschool had their Christmas program yesterday, and we were all so excited to see him perform.  However, we had no idea how he would do.  Well, he followed in his brother’s footsteps and eventually freaked out.  LOL!
When he came into the sanctuary, I knew something was wrong.  He was supposed to be wearing his Christmas shirt; however, he was still in his shirt I sent him in.  He also had his Mr. Piglet in tow (Mr. Piglet is his security, and he usually stays in the bookbag at school). 
He got in place on the stage, and he sat there with pig in hand and thumb in mouth most of the time.  I was busy trying to take pictures, and at some point he recognized that we were there.  That’s when he LOST it.  He started crying, “Mommy, Mommy.”  He was no longer interested in sitting there, and he continued to cry.  I kept asking Brian if we should ignore him or just go get him.  Mommy gut lead me to go get him so that his crying wouldn’t ruin the rest of the performance, so that’s what I did.  He was fine at that point, but he wanted nothing to do with the rest of the program. 
When it was all over and done, he was happy and content.  Oh well, we’ll try again next time.
***All of my pictures were dark, so I had to adjust them.  I have no idea what the problem was.  Sorry for the poor quality, but you’ll still get the idea.***

Micah walking into the sanctuaryIMG_6981
Sitting there in bewildermentIMG_6983
Biting his nails…IMG_6986
Trying to use the “jingle bells”, but not really interestedIMG_6990
Poor,pitiful boy…broke my heartIMG_6991
This is the shirt he should have been wearing…IMG_6992


Lin said...

Aw, the poor guy. This is such a crazy time for kids AND adults. There is just too much stimulation and we all expect these kids to cope. I don't blame him for crying and yeah, I agree with getting him. What's the point of making him and everyone else suffer. It's supposed to be fun and if he's miserable, then let's end it. Oh well--it will give you something to laugh about when he's 20. :)

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