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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Candle Tour and Class

Last Wednesday, we met up with some of our friends and went to visit Atlanta Custom Candle. This happens to be one of Brian's merchants, and she was offering candle tours and classes during the summer. So, we took advantage of the opportunity. The kids had so much fun, and they were all very well-behaved.

Ms. Anita, the owner, was very good at tailoring the lesson to their ages. They learned a little bit about science and math during the class. During the class, they each got to make a candle to bring home as well...Caleb chose a Dreamsicle candle (imagine the Orange Creamsicle popsicles from back in the day...that's the smell). If you're a local, this is a great place to go and get some very nice candles. You can even take your own jars in to have them filled, and she also does refills for candles. She had some awesome "teacher gift" ideas...lots of cute ideas that I will keep in mind. :) Here are some pictures...enjoy!

Caleb waiting on the class to start.

Ms. Anita showing the children the different types of wax.

Caleb holding his wick...she explained how they were made.

Watching Ms. Anita getting stuff together.

This was Caleb's expression after he smelled one of the fragrances...LOL!

Caleb doing some math to figure out how much liquid wax and fragrance they needed.

Caleb pouring a candle.

Caleb putting a wick into a little tealight candle...this is what she does with the leftover wax.

Caleb gets to help mix the wax and fragrance together.


blueviolet said...

That's a cool experience. I ran a one day event once at our elementary school called Pioneer Day and I had the kids make homemade candles then too. They weren't all prettily scented though. Caleb is lucky!

Heather said...

I know we live in the same town and all, but seriously - small world! My friend was introduced to her hubby thanks to Ms. Anita, and her little girl was the flower girl in their wedding!

Lin said...

Hey, what a great idea!! I'll bet the kids (and Mom) had fun with that one. I remember making candles as a kid--I was so darned proud of that thing!

Jenny said...

Wow, very interesting! My kids got to dip candles a few years ago, and it was really fun for them! I love things that don't involve technology ;-)

Sawatzky family said...

Love the smell face lol! Cracks me up :b
What a great experiance for them though! I can hardly wait for our first homeschooling field trip!
THanks for sharing this.

hotpants™ said...

I don't know if they have anything like this here. My son would probably love it. He loves sniffing candles. Haha!

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