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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Grade Week 9 in Review

Whew! Another week complete! Here's how this past week went:

Bible: Our Bible lesson was on "Trusting God in Prayer." Our Bible verse for the week was James 5:16a.

Phonics & English: This week we've been learning all about penguins. We added "other," "would," "could," "from," "away," and "two" to our list of service words. The "-ask," "-ish," and "-ash" word families were added this week. The English skills we discussed were adding "s" to nouns, suffixes "-er," and "-est", adding "es" to verbs, and possessive "s."

Handwriting: Since we've now reviewed all of our letters, our handwriting lessons are just practicing what we've learned. So, I'm going to omit this from our weekly review from here on out.

Spelling: I'm also going to omit spelling since it's just that...SPELLING! :) So, there's no need for me to tell you what we're spelling weekly...just know that we are spelling. :)

Reading: I'm also going to omit the reading report. Again, we read on a daily basis, and then Caleb has to do a worksheet that covers main idea, characters, details, etc. So, it's just basic reading stuff.

Heritage Studies: We started a new chapter this week on people in the New World. We did a brief introduction to the Native Americans (or Indians as Columbus called them).

Math: Caleb took a test over Chapter 4, and we started the subtraction chapter. We talked about beginning subtraction (review) and subtraction sentences.

Vocabulary: This is a new subject for Caleb. Brian and I started thinking that Caleb needed a specific vocabulary curriculum, so I ordered the Wordly Wise 3000 for him. This week he was introduced to the words "leap," "capital," "trunk," "monument," and "swamp."

Science: We are taking a break from our science book to cover some of Caleb's interests. So, since he's into all things animals, we're working on a Desert Animals lapbook this week. We will finish it next week. We've learned about the desert climate, coyotes, scorpions, diamondback rattlesnakes, and roadrunners. We also discussed the meaning of diurnal and nocturnal. Caleb seems to be enjoying this little project, and we'll be doing more throughout the year.

Art: Caleb had another art lesson today. They are still working on drawing. He basically looks at an object and then draws it. This week he drew a jeep, and his teacher seemed to be very impressed for his work considering his age. He really seems to enjoy the class, and he's always excited to go.

As always, thanks for following our first grade journey. We're going to start another week tomorrow, and then we're taking a week off. We are going to leave on Sunday to go visit The Neil Family in Florida. Hunter and Tina will be in school, but we're still planning on having lots of fun now that they have their own pool. :) We're also hoping to visit one of the Disney parks one day. They have passes, so it'll be a great opportunity to visit while Micah is still free. :) So, be sure to look for some "fun in FL" posts coming soon.

Until next time, happy learning!


Lin said...

Quit working those kids so darned hard, Sherrie!!! ;)

Ugh. School time. Summer's over??! Bummer. :(

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