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Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Grade Week 7 in Review

We are almost caught up with our schooling. Four more days of work, and we'll be back on track. :) That's a GREAT feeling. Here's how this week went...

Bible: Our Bible lesson was on "Making Our Hearts Ready." We reviewed the Bble verses we've learned thus far this year.

Phonics & English: We added "-ump," "-amp", "-ix," "-ax," "-ox," "-iss," "-ass," and "-ess" to our word families. "Brother," "give," and "have" were added to our list of service words. We are continuing to work on syllables, and we talked about the "-ed" and "-er" suffixes as well.

Handwriting: "6," "7," "Jj," "Xx," "Yy," and "Zz" were reviewed this week.

Spelling: Our words for the week this time are from the "-ab," "-ax," and "-ust" families. Caleb really seems to enjoy spelling, and he loves when I pull out different letter manipulatives for him to use for practice.

Reading: We read three new stories this week. One that seemed to really stick with Caleb was the story of "Joseph's Coat"...you know, the Bible story. He really seemed to get into that one. :)

Math: This week we continued to work with even and odd numbers, tens and ones, and we introduced greater than/less than. I think Caleb is taking after his momma in a love for math. We'll see how long it lasts. :)

Heritage Studies: This week we talked more about Christopher Columbus. We're learning all about how he got turned down by the king of his country, then how it took 8 years for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to give him a "yes." Caleb seems to enjoy the Columbus story. :)

Science: We started a new chapter on pushes and pulls. We have talked about gravity and magnetic force thus far. Of course Caleb is always eager to do the hands-on activities, so he had some fun playing with magnets and experimenting with gravity. :)

As always, thanks for following our adventures in first grade. We'll be back next week with more fun.


Lin said...

Is it back to school time already??? Ugh. What happened to summer?

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