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Friday, August 14, 2009

PB&J, Fun with Friends, and Workboxes

Time for another hodgepodge of thoughts/posts. :) Sometimes I just find it's easier to combine all my thoughts at once rather than try to find time to write 3-4 different posts. LOL! So, here goes...

Micah -- I tell you, that boy is something else. Back when Caleb was a baby we would always cut up his food. He never had a choice about it. Heck, I still cut up most of his stuff for him. I know, it's time for the boy to learn some cutting skills. Anyway, Micah...well, he thinks he's grown. That boy does not want his food cut up...nope, don't think about it. He wants the whole French fry, the entire chicken strip, the whole breadstick, all of the PB&J sandwich (well, one half). So, we oblige, and he is really good with taking small bites (most of the time) or picking off a small piece. I tell you...we are in for it when the boy actually gets grown. LOL! ***And on a sidenote...he is doing WONDERFULLY in his toddler bed. He only gives a little bit of fussing, but he usually goes right to sleep and stays alseep for the most part. We are soooo glad this was an easy transition.***

Micah boo eating his PB&J. And he's like his brother in that he will pull the sandwich apart to eat it...you know, the oreo cookie move. :)

Today we met up with some of our new homeschooling friends at Johnny G's. This is another one of Brian's merchants, and it's a big playhouse for the kiddos. So, I took the boys to play, and we had some pizza, too. This was Micah's first visit, and he seemed to be in his element. The boy was screaming with excitement. Caleb had fun, too, and we are so glad we met this new family. They are super nice, and Caleb really has fun with the kiddos.

Micah checking out the toy area.

Micah playing with the activity table.

Caleb and his new friend on the dragon.
I've been reading about workboxes for some time now on my homeschool forums. I wasn't really sure how I could implement them being that we are a traditional textbook homeschooling family. But -- I thought it was worth a shot. Basically, it's a system you set up to let the student know exactly what they have to get done in a day's work. You know...kids are always asking, "Are we done yet? How much longer?" So, this is supposed to eliminate all of that questioning. I ordered this tower from Staples, and it arrived today. So, I spent this evening getting it all set up. The numbers on the front are velcroed on to the drawers. Caleb will start with #1, and as he finishes his work, he can pull the number off and stack it in a pile. And to make it even more enticing to get all of his work done, I'm going to put something fun in box #10. This may be a Wii game, an education game/puzzle, computer time, Leapster game, Legos, etc. So, we'll see how this goes on our next schooling day. I hope it's a success...we shall see.

Our workbox system


heidi said...

Hey I just heard about workboxes over at Heart of the Matter's homeschooling conference last week. Sounds great. You are ambitious. =o) We don't start school till next week...going to savor these next two days...ahhhhhhhh.

blueviolet said...

You're so creative and I like the idea of the workboxes.

That play center looked fun!!!

Laura said...

Micah is just growing, growing, growing! If he is such a great and healthy eater right now, can you imagine what he's going to be like at say, 13? Ha!

I loved the storage box idea! Be sure to let us know how Caleb likes it!

Mighty M said...

I like your organizational system! And what's with kids pulling apart sandwiches to "lick" them first?? I think they all do it!! ;-) Have a great weekend!!

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