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Friday, August 14, 2009

First Grade Week 8 in Review

Another week at Childress Academy has come and gone. :) We're getting into a great routine, and I'm implementing a few changes (post to come later) to help things go more smoothly. So, stay tuned. Here's how this week panned out:

Bible: Our lesson this week was on "Serving God by Helping Others." We reviewed all of the Bible verses we've learned so far this year.

Phonics & English: This week we added "-ept," and "-elt" to our word families. The words "was," "any," "many," "picture," and "pretty" were added to our list of service words. The English skills we covered were adding "s" to verbs, the suffix "er", alphabetical order, adding "s" and "es" to nouns, and capitalization. We also started our "Growing Writers" lessons.

Handwriting: We worked on number "8 and 9" and we reviewed all of the letters learned thus far. I think we've now covered each letter of the alphabet, so we'll get into more practice writing from here on out.

Reading: We moved into Reader B this week, and Caleb was soooo happy. He was so proud of himself for finishing Reader A. And -- mommy and daddy are proud of him, too. He's really doing a GREAT job with his reading this year. He has improved so much.

Math: We reviewed skip counting (5s, 10s), and we introduced the hundreds place.

Heritage Studies: We finished up our chapter on Christopher Columbus, and we'll take a test next week to see how much Caleb actually remembered. We also started reading "Where do you think you're going, Christopher Columbus?" by Jean Fritz. It's a long book, so I'm sure we'll still be reading it next week.

Science: We finished up our chapter on pushes and pulls adding mechanical force and friction. Caleb did really well on his science test over those concepts.

Art: We enrolled Caleb in semi-private art lessons on Tuesday. He'll go for 8 weeks. Right now they are working on drawing. He had to look at real objects and draw them. He really seemed to enjoy the class, and he did a great job on his work. He's looking forward to going back next week.

Extra Stuff: Wednesday we met up with some of our homeschooling friends to plan Boys' Club for the year. Caleb will be participating in, and I will be leading the Littles' Club this year. It's a boys' club for Pre-K thru 1st graders. So, that should be lots of fun. Thursday we had our homeschool fun & games day at the park. We always enjoy meeting up with our friends for some fun and conversation. Today we joined another homeschooling family at Johnny G's (one of Brian's merchants) for some pizza and more fun. Micah and Caleb had so much fun playing with their friends. Mommy enjoyed it, too. :)

Thanks for following our journey, and stay tuned for more fun next week. We're going to start working on a Desert Animals lapbook, and Caleb is super excited. :)


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