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Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Grade Weeks 3, 4, and 5 in Review

Okay, as with everything else, I'm behind on posting our weekly review for First Grade. So, I'm going to combine the past 3 weeks into one post. I hope to stay on top of it from this point forward, but I make no promises. We will see how I do...

Bible: Our Bible stories have been on "Building God's Church," "Serving the Lord with Courage," and "Serving in Different Ways." We added Joshua 24:18b to our Bible verse study.

Phonics & English: We added "color," "love," "for," "you," "are," "what," "they," "said," "to," "do," "mother," "of," and "off" to our list of service words. We added "-ub", "-un", "-us," "-ut," "-ip," "-up," "-eck," "-ick," "-uck," "-ack," "-ad," "-an," "-ap," "-as," "-at", "-and," "-end," "-ell," "-ill," "-ull," "-ag," "-eg," "-ig," "-ug," "-ent," "-am," "-im," "-ock," "-od," "-om," "-op," and "-ot" to our list of word families. Wow -- talk about overload. LOL! I definitely need to stay on top of my posting. Oh well...lesson learned. We talked about captilazing the first letter of sentences, possessive "s", question mark, syllables, compound words, and the comma as well.

Handwriting: "B," "U," "P," "C," "K," "A," "?," "L," "G," "nt," "M," "O," and "0, 1, 2" were reviewed.

Spelling: We worked on spelling words in the "-and," "-ot," "-ill," "-id," "-ap," "-en," "-an," "-ock," and "-ocks" families.

Reading: We are still reading stories in Reader A, and Caleb is doing really well. He reads one new story a day, and his reading has improved so much from the end of Kindergarten. He also has to work on comprehension by doing little worksheets or activities after each story, and he is doing a great job in that area as well.

Math: We reviewed the numbers 15 -20, pictographs, and bar graphs. I introduced Caleb to the concept of even and odd numbers, and we've been working on addition concepts as well (completing/writing addition sentences, drawing pictures to add, vertical form, and order of addends). We also worked on the names for 4, 5, and 6 (this is how BJUP describes the addition facts/families).

Heritage Studies: We continued to talk about directions using the compass. We also talked about Leif Ericson and the Vikings, mapmakers, and the Azetcs. Finally, we discussed maps from today and long ago.

Science: We have been talking about the parts of the sun, the path of the sun, the moon, and the stars (Big Dipper and Orion).

Art: Week 3 we talked about how artists look at nature to draw things. So, Caleb had to go outside and draw things he found in nature. Week 4 we talked about how artists communicate through their pictures. Caleb had to draw a picture and allow the viewer to be able to "read" it based on how he drew the picture. Week 5 we discusses how artists use photographs to draw pictures. Caleb had to find a picture (he opted for a picture of penguins from his animal book), and then draw it. He did SOOOOO well with this. I'm really impressed with his artistic ability, and I promise...he did NOT get it from me!

Extra Stuff: Wow...I wouldn't even know where to start with the extra stuff...LOL! So, let me just suffice it to say that we have been very busy this summer. I think I wrote about most of it here. We did go visit one of Brian's merchants (Atlanta Custom Candle) today, and the kids got to see how to make candles. They each got to make their own candle as well, and I will post pictures and give that it's own post later.

So, there you have it...3 weeks of lots and lots of learning. Granted, we are a few days behind in our schedule, but I'm not too worried about it because I know that we can do some weekend lessons and catch up. We're gearing up for a busy, busy fall as well. So, please continue to follow our first grade adventures. I will do my best to keep up with the weekly review posting so that it's not so overwhelming. :)

I hope you all are enjoying every minute of what's left of summer...get out there and play with your kiddos!


blueviolet said...

Wow, that's a full schedule! You have been so busy and you seem so organized!

April said...

Busy Busy Busy Don't forget to take a break once in a while :D

Take the kids on a hike they can learn from that too and it's very relaxing ;D

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