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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun in the ATL

Yesterday we met up with some of our friends, and we drove up to Atlanta for a day of fun. We started our day at Imagine It! The Children's Museum of Atlanta. They were having a tree exhibit, and upon our arrival we ran into some folks from Lane Packing. Lane Packing is a local peach packing company. They were there to do some promoting of Georgia peaches. During the conversation with the local guys, we supposedly heard that Chipper Jones would make an appearance. Now, for those of you who may not know...Chipper Jones plays for the Atlanta Braves. So, if he's coming to visit, then you KNOW we will be there with cameras in tow and snapping pictures. And yep...we'll ask for an autograph, too. :)

So, we let all the kiddos have some fun playing around, and then we see that the local guys are gearing up for the presentation on peaches. And -- look who it is...Chipper Jones. So, we gather up our kiddos and make them sit down to listen to the presentation. The boys in the group were front and center...right there waiting to see Chipper. Well, the presentation starts, and we are all deeply saddened shortly thereafter. Why??? Well, silly us...that's not Chipper Jones AT ALL! In fact, that's not any Braves player. That's an Atlanta Thrashers player. OOPS!!!! Talk about a blonde moment. We were acting like a bunch of little school girls over Eric Boulton...an ATL Thrasher. Do you know how dumb we felt? We quickly sent one of the little girls to gather up the boys so we could go on with the rest of our plans.

After our embarrassing moment, we headed over to The Varsity for lunch. Now, if you're from this area, you are probably VERY familiar with The Varsity. However, I had never been to the place. Well, I was shocked to see how large it was...not to mention the fact that they have a small parking garage. WHAT???? A restaurant that requires a parking garage??? Are you kidding??? Nope...I'm not kidding. But -- it was worth it. The food was super
greasy and fatteningyummy, and we had some good food and great conversation.

We had lots of fun with our friends today, and we can't wait for our next summer outing. It is so nice to get the kids out of the house and together with friends. And -- it's not bad for the mommies either! :)

Silly Caleb before we started our visit at the museum.

Caleb playing with some sort of tinker toy thing.

Davis, Caleb, and Aiden inside a tree.

Caleb and Davis playing with the moon sand.

Caleb and Aiden working on their masterpieces.

Ms. Shelley and little Aiden going down the slide. Aiden is a little bit older than Micah. They would have had fun together, but Micah had to stay home because he's been feverish all week.

Caleb and Marissa doing some fishing while Ms. Laura supervises.

Aiden and Caleb...Caleb was NOT into pictures for some reason. He didn't want to smile for anything.

Little Aiden doing some fishing.

Caleb and Davis modeling their costumes...they saw themselves on TV. :)

Davis and Caleb playing in the bird nest.

Oops...he layed an egg.

Davis and Caleb in the ball area...they'd gather balls and dump them over and over and over again...such fun for them.

Chipper Jones aka Eric Boulton...LOL!

The Varsity in downtown ATL

Davis, Caleb, and Aiden with their Varsity hats on.


Jenn@Spejory said...

Looks like you had a great time! I also have boys who are going through the "I won't smile" phase!

blueviolet said...

Museums for children are the best! I always made sure to take the kids to one in every city we visited!

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