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Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Vacation Recap Day Three

Monday, we opted NOT to go down to the beach. Instead, we just relaxed up in the room for the morning. Then, after lunch, we took Omi and Opa to the Myrtle Beach Flea Market. This is an indoor flea market, and they had been told that they needed to see it, so we led them to it. We decided to let Caleb play putt-putt instead of staying at the flea market. So, we drove by nearly every miniature golf course letting him decide which one he wanted to play. After lots of driving, he decided on the Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Golf. It was a really neat course, and it was about six stories high at one point.

Micah had a blast and finally learned how to climb up and down stairs. He was having such a good time climbing the stairs...and there were TONS for him to climb. I, on the other hand, didn't think it was so much fun. LOL! Heat + 23lb baby + stairs = one tired mommy! But -- we did get lots of cool pictures, and Caleb really improved on his putting. So, it was all worth it.

After the game of putt-putt, we ventured over to Cheeseburger in Paradise for an early supper. It was soooo yummy! We had wanted to eat there last year, but we never did. So, we were really glad that we decided to this time. All of the food was yummy, and it was a great dining experience.

That night we just relaxed and rested in the room.

Micah's face after he enjoyed some chocolate pudding with Opa.

Caleb right before starting the miniature golf course.

Micah is ready to go. **Yes, I am a parent who will use a harness when I need to...so, don't hate. I'd rather give my son freedom than have him scream, pitch a fit, and run off without me.**

Brian waiting on Caleb to make his shot.

This was a mural...it was such a neat course.

One of the many tiki huts on the course.

Micah, mommy, and Caleb walking down the stairs.

Name of the course...there are so many to choose from.

Just look at that shot...yes, we climbed EVERY step!

Caleb getting ready to make his shot.

Goofy boy Caleb.

My three loves...Brian, Micah, and Caleb.

Caleb making a shot inside one of the tiki huts.

This was a shot from one of the higher points.

Caleb on a frog statue.

Micah enjoying his crayons at Cheeseburger in Paradise.


Heather said...

Looks like you had a blast! We use a monkey harness (or Elmo) with BB as well. Better safe than smushed, I always say!

hotpants™ said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time. I'm scared to take ours on a trip. I think we'll wait until the baby's a bit older.

Sawatzky family said...

I finally got a chance to catch up on my blog reading! This whole flooded basement thing is very consuming! lol
Great pictures of what lookes like a FAB. vacation!

heidi said...

ahhhh-hahahahahaha, I have that same monkey harness for my twin girls. I don't use it anymore...last time I used it was about 6 months ago but boy did it save me frustration. I never wondered where they were in a huge crowd...like on a field trip.

Sounds like you had a great time. ;o) Heidi

cheeseburger_in_paradise said...

Thanks for visiting Cheeseburger in Paradise! We are very happy that your family enjoyed the meal.

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