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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Vacation Recap Day Seven and Eight

Friday morning we got up and saw Jennifer off to Athens. Then, we hung out with Omi and Opa a bit before it was time for them to leave. After they left, Brian and I took the boys down to the pool and beach. Brian and Caleb went to do a little boogie boarding while Micah and I enjoyed the lazy river. Then, they came up to join us. After we were all tired from the sun, we all went up and had a little nap.

Once our naps were over, we got ready and headed out to enjoy our last night at the beach. We decided to play some putt-putt at Hawaiian Rumble Golf. This course is rated #1 in America by Golf & Travel Magazine. Well, I don't know who reads this magazine, but I don't think they got the rating just right. Let me tell you why...1) They don't take credit cards...ummm, to my hubby who works in this industry, well that is a slap in the face. So, that was a brief conversation that Brian had with the owner. Oh well, you can't sign them all up honey. :) 2) They only have ONE course. 3) The ONE course SUCKS when you are behind a party of 6+ people. You get to sit OUT IN THE HEAT trying to entertain your children while they wait on the people ahead of them.

Anyway, we finally finished up our game, and we decided to have some seafood. So, we headed to Duffy Street Seafood Shack. Well, being the indecisive people we are, Brian and I each ordered a 3 item combo. We both wanted to try the crab cake, and you have to pay $3 more to get that on the combo. So, Brian ordered his fried, and I ordered mine sauteed. Well, NEITHER of us liked it...LOL! Oh well, live and learn. But -- we really enjoyed the fried flounder. I'm not a fish eater, because I don't like that fishy taste. But -- the flounder was GREAT! I will definitely order it again.

Well, after supper, it was time to head back to the condo to pack up our stuff. We had to be ready to check out by 10am on Saturday. So, Brian and I got everything packed up. Then, we just sat and watched a little bit of TV.

Saturday morning we got up and headed back home. Our ride home was just as uneventful as the ride up there. LOL! But -- that's always a good thing.

We had a WONDERFUL vacation, and we cannot wait to plan our next one. :)

Opa, Micah, and Caleb enjoying a little snack.

Omi and Opa on the balcony.

The volcano at Hawaiian Rumble Golf.

There's the proof...I'm not lying folks.

Our big six-year-old.

They really "talk" it up I tell ya...a bit TOO much if you ask me.

Caleb making a putt.

Caleb, Micah, and Mommy.


Lin said...

Typically, those places that all are hyped up are usually the worst because they have attitude behind those signs telling you how good they are. I'm glad you had fun anyway and the photos are always a treat! Mom and Dad look FAB there! So cute together!

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