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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fourth Grade Week 36

Wow – the 4th grade school year is almost over…I think we’ll even finish earlier than I had originally planned, and that’s fine by me!  This was a very different week as Caleb attended an art class 3 mornings this week.  So, that threw us off a bit, but we still managed to make it through the week.  Here’s what Caleb was up to…
Books – Guinness World Records 2013
Scholastic Encyclopedia of Animals
by Laurence Pringle
Animals – A Visual Encyclopedia by DK Publishing
Great Americans by Flowerpot Press
DVDs or Movies – Wonders of the Solar System
The American Bible Challenge – GSN
National Treasure 2:  Book of Secrets
Pilgrim’s Progress
World’s Weirdest:  Oddities – NGW
World’s Weirdest:  Freaks on Land – NGW
National Treasure
Games Played – Animal Jam – PC
Minecraft – iPhone and iPad – I’m going to let him try it out a bit before I purchase the Desktop version.
Projects/Activities – Barry Stebbing’s 3 Day Art Class – Mr. Stebbing is the creator of How Great Thou Art, and this was a 3 day class taught by him.  Caleb LOVED it.
Treadmill – Caleb walked on the treadmill a few days this week.
Park – We spent some time at the park, so Caleb was able to ride his bike and his scooter.
Johnny G’s – this is a fun place here in town, and we had our Classical Conversations end of the year party yesterday.  Caleb had fun playing laser tag, spin zone, and other games.  The boys LOVE this place.
Well, that doesn’t look like a very eventful week, but that’s okay.  I think he learned PLENTY from that 3 day art class.  We only have about 4 weeks left (really only 13 days I think to reach 180), so we’ll finish up 4th grade REALLY soon!


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