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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fourth Grade Week 35

Well, we finished up our 4th week of deschooling/unschooling.  I’ll admit, this was the week that doubts and uncertainties crept up.  However, I’m committed to sticking to this for the next 5 weeks, and I will!  Here’s what Caleb was up to this week.
Books Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space by Paul Dowswell
The Lego Ideas Book:  Unlock Your Imagination by Daniel Lipkowitz
The Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia by Jane Elliott & Colin King
Animals:  A Visual Encyclopedia by DK Publishing
Knights and Dragons by Igloo Books
Fearsome Creatures by Rona Skene & Simon Smith
DVDs/Movies The Bible – History Channel
The American Bible Challenge – GSN
The Planets:  Different Worlds – Netflix
19 Kids & Counting:  Duggars Do Asia – TLC
The Planets:  Life – Netflix
How It’s Made:  Nails & Staples, Safety Glasses, Fabrics, Bicycles – Netflix
How It’s Made:  Hydroponic Lettuce, Construction Wood, Fishing Flies – Netflix
Jeremiah – GMC
How It’s Made:  Robotic Arms, Tattoos, Concrete Pipes – Netflix
How It’s Made:  Wooden Doors, Paintballs, Newspapers, Diamonds – Netflix
How It’s Made:  Hockey Gloves, Snack Cakes, Remolded Tires, Wastewater Treatment Plants – Netflix
Shark Week:  Restless Fury:  Shark Attach Survival Guide – Netflix
Shark Week:  The Great Bites Collection:  Mythbusters Shark Special – Netflix
Shark Week:  The Great Bites Collection:  Day of the Shark – Netflix
Mythbusters:  Buried Alive – Netflix
Mythbusters:  Lightning Strikes/Tongue Piercing – Netflix
Mythbusters:  Killer Brace Position – Netflix
Games Played
Animal Jam – PC
Bible Battleship – PC
Ten Commandments – PC
Days of Creation – PC
Projects/Activities Treadmill – Caleb walked on the treadmill several times this week.
Email – The novelty has worn off, but he still sends a few during the week.
Planets song – Caleb was interested in planets this week, so we found the planets song on You Tube, and he learned the names of the planets.
Planets – Caleb watched a few videos on planets on You Tube for Schools.  He also did a few Solar System worksheets to see if he remembered what he watched.
Live Mocha – Someone mentioned this free foreign language website, so I emailed Caleb about it.  He chose to start working on Spanish.  So, he completed a few lessons on the site.  There are lots of languages, and I have a feeling he’ll choose others soon.  Smile
Park Play – Micah had an Easter egg hunt and picnic at the park, so Caleb tagged along.  He was able to ride his scooter and play with another homeschool boy while we were there.
Coloring – Caleb and Micah both spent a little time coloring in some coloring books.  Micah is all focused on staying in the lines now, and he does a GREAT job.
Well, there are no pictures for this week.  Oh well…maybe next week.  Smile


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