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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fourth Grade Week 31

I can finally see the light at the end of the fourth grade tunnel.  Smile  We have about 9 more weeks, and we are FINISHED!  Here’s how week 31 went…
Bible – Our questions this week were ‘Why did God allow some creatures to go extinct?’ and ‘What happened to the ark once Noah, his family, and the animals got off?’  We read Genesis 2:17, Genesis 1:31, Romans 5:12, and Psalm 33:20-22 for the first question.  We read Genesis 8:4-16 for the second question.
English – This week Caleb worked on linking verbs, predicate nouns, and contractions formed with not.  He is still doing really well with the Growing with Grammar.  It’s just the right amount of instruction and practice for him.  So, I’m glad we’ve finally found something that works for English.  Smile
Reading – Caleb started reading Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulson.  He seems to be enjoying it, and I know there are several others in that series that may interest him. 
Math – This week Caleb finished up his last light unit.  He worked on dividing by 9, changing tens to add, setting up a division problem, negative numbers, and volume.  We are going to call it quits with Christian Light Education math and move on to the Number of the Day and real-life practical math from here on out.
We didn’t get around to too much else this week.  My dad ended up in the hospital with pneumonia (he’s much better now, but still in the hospital), so school had to be put on the backburner.  Caleb spent a good bit of time playing ‘Stack the States’ on the iPad.  He also spent some time reading several of his non-fiction books.  We also found a new series of fiction books…Big Nate.  It’s much like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and I’m glad we’ve found another series for him to enjoy.  He read the book from the library in two days…so that’s a HUGE plus.  Smile  He read a few Civil War books, but he decided he wasn’t ready to dig any deeper on that topic. 
We will start our new schooling plans next week (see my 5th grade post…I know we aren’t finished with 4th grade, but since we are at the end, I thought we’d go ahead and start the new plan).  Wish us luck as we take on this new adventure with Caleb in the pilot seat and me in the co-pilot seat.  I’m looking forward to lots of fun and learning.  Smile


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