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Friday, March 1, 2013

Caleb’s School Plan for 5th Grade

Yesterday I sat and talked with Caleb about his schooling.  I asked him if he were in charge what his schooling would look like.  After careful thought, different scenarios, and some discussion, he came up with a plan that works for him.  So, here’s our plan for 5th grade.
Bible – We will either read several chapters a day or on a certain topic/story each day.  Or – if I’m doing a study with Micah that interests him, he will read the same scriptures and join in the discussion and age-appropriate activities.
English – He wants to continue with Growing with Grammar.  So, he’ll start Level 5 in the fall.  I was a bit shocked that he chose this, but he seems to be doing really well with it this year.  It’s also very short, simple, and to the point.
Spelling – He will give me a list of 15 words each week.  The words are all HIS choice, and we’ll take a pre-test on the first day of the week.  Then, we’ll work with any misspelled words throughout the week and end with a final test.  We’re actually starting this next week, and I must say…his first list is quite ambitious.  I’m really, really hoping that by giving him the reins that his spelling will improve.  Only time will tell…
Writing – He chose to write in a journal three times each week.  He gets to choose the topic, but I can tell him how many sentences it needs to be (minimum).  Again, this shocked me.  He’s not really a lover of writing, so we’ll see.
Math – When he first answered, he said he wanted one problem a day.  After letting him know that wasn’t an option, he chose to work on real-life and practical math.  So, I purchased Arithmetic 1, Arithmetic 2, Fractions/Decimals/Percents 1, and States by the Number Georgia from Math Mammoth.  I am also going to order Janice VanCleave’s Math for Every Kid.  There are a few other books that I will slowly add to our collection, too.  In addition to this real-life math work, Caleb will also have a “Number of the Day.”  This idea came from Pinterest.  I will assign the tasks based on what I think he needs to work on, and he’ll choose the number each day.
Exploration – The rest of the day will be spent however Caleb sees fit as long as it’s in an educational way.  He may choose to read from the plethora of available books, work on an art project, play some math games, play computer games, watch educational DVDs/movies, play board games, work on any projects that he’s interested in, make lapbooks, notebook, etc.  Basically, as long as it’s educational, he can do what he chooses.  He will be the one in charge, and I will be there to support him, offer him help when he asks, and facilitate in any way he would like me to. 
So, there you have it.  That’s the plan that HE has chosen, and I hope that the fun will return to our schooling.  Only time will tell, but it feels GREAT to finally have a plan in place.  Smile


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