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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Caleb’s 5th Grade Curriculum Choices

Caleb and I have finally come up with a feasible game plan to tackle his 5th grade schooling.  Here’s a look at the curriculum we will be using and what his days will look like…
Reading – Caleb will spend 45-60 minutes reading books of his choice each day.  This is the time that I will use to work with Micah on his Kindergarten work.  Then, Micah will move on to independent learning, and I’ll focus my attention on Caleb.
Math Amusement Park Math; Math Warm-Ups; # of the Day (Pinterest Idea) – He will do Amusement Park Math every other week, and he’ll rotate the others on the off weeks.  I think this will give him plenty of variety, keep the fun level high, and make him use his math noggin.  We will more than likely take some weeks off from written math work to play math games, but I don’t have that scheduled out yet.  I want to be more flexible, so I do have a game plan, but it’s not set in stone. 
Language Arts – Spectrum Language Arts – I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to spend oodles of money on Language Arts curriculum because it repeats yearly, going deeper each year.  So, I went the cheap route.  This will be just enough to satisfy my need for Caleb to do something LA oriented each day.  I don’t think it’ll be too difficult or overwhelming for him, either.
Miscellaneous Skills – Maps, Charts, Graphs, & Diagrams; Dictionary Skills; Take Five Minutes:  365 Calendar-Related Editing Activities -- After taking the ITBS, Caleb and I discussed areas that were difficult for him.  Once he identified those, I asked if he’d like more practice, and he said he would.  I think it will help build his confidence in those areas, and he wants to improve.  I will choose one sentence for him to edit daily, and we’ll rotate weekly between the maps, charts, graphs, & diagrams AND the dictionary skills.  I am also going to add in some table of contents and index work throughout the year, too.
We will also add in daily Bible reading, and then Caleb will have plenty of time to have free exploration where he can learn and study more about what interests him.  This is a plan that Caleb and I have both agreed on, so I’m pretty confident that next year will be a smooth year.  We’re looking forward to lots of learning and even more fun!  I’m just crossing my fingers that schooling two children won’t stress me out too much.  Smile


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