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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fourth Grade Week 38

We are DONE!!!!!  Here’s how Caleb finished up his last week (plus some) of 4th grade…
The majority of our week was spent taking the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills).  Georgia law requires that we test every three years, beginning in 3rd grade.  However, Caleb has taken this test every year.  It’s more for my benefit than anything else…I know it’s not a true test of what he knows, but it does give me some idea of how he’s doing academically and where he may need some extra attention.  I’m not going to debate standardized testing…this is just what we do as a family.  Smile
DVDS/Movies World’s Weirdest:  Sneak Attacks
Outrageous Acts of Science:  Homemade Heroes
World’s Weirdest
Outrageous Acts of Science:  Human Guinea Pigs
The American Bible Challenge
Planet Ant
Games Played Animal Jam – PC
Blurt! – this is a new game that I ordered…Caleb enjoyed it
You’ve Been Sentenced – I ordered this one, too, and Caleb had fun playing it, too.
Stack the States – iPad
Presidents vs. Aliens – iPad
Stack the Countries – iPad
Projects/Activities Lego contest – Caleb found a lego contest in his new Lego Club magazine, so he’s been working on building his entry.  He’s still putting it all together, and he’s having fun working on it.
So, there you have it…4th grade is FINISHED!  Caleb has been officially promoted to FIFTH grade (I cannot believe  my child will be in 5th grade next year…where has the time gone).


Susan Said What?! said...

So glad Caleb enjoyed the You've been Sentenced! game. It's the perfect way to sneak in a little learning... disguised as fun!

Susan McNeill
McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds
creators of the You've been Sentenced! game

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